I’m going to lie to you and disparage my customers while posting my marketing messages on Instagram. Sounds like a clever marketing plan. Who would do that, right? Well, apparently stupid is alive and well on Instagram.

Everyone Markets

Apparently I run a coffee shop.

mikemoneywrks has been busy pouring over my Instagram feed and has deduced that I run a coffee shop. Not only that, but he claims my coffee shop is more committed than the ones he funds. Of course I looked up his Instagram bio because I was curious as to what kind of business he is running. Well, with good old mikemoneywrks you can get pretty much unlimited gobs of cash to run your coffee shop just by filling out a short form on his landing page. Seriously, I’m looking for a cafe location already!

My Instagram friends know I don’t run a coffee shop, and if old mikemoneywrks had truly been viewing my feed, he would know that I like coffee, rather than just assume because I used #coffee in my post that I was promoting my coffee shop.

So, that my friends is a bad example of Instagram marketing. Politely put. In other words, just plain stupid.

Are there good examples? Yes, lets look at a couple.

Everyone Markets

Example of sharing a followers content

Share Your Followers Content

I’ve often had company Instagram accounts post on my feed and request permission to repost, especially when I’ve tagged them or used a hashtag they are following or using with their business. The screenshot above is a good example of how Chobani is acknowledging one of their followers. Obviously they have picked a post that artfully and tastefully portrays their brand message.

It is quite simple to search out good content on Instagram and share it.

Everyone Markets

Driving Engagement

Driving Engagement on Your Instagram Feed

Another great way to market on Instagram is by driving engagement the way Muir Glen Organic does. Their bio link and description help drive engagement by reposting your photos to feedfeed.

All these food photos are making me hungry. I’m going to have to stop discussing marketing on Instagram with you and go eat! Or, maybe open a coffee shop with that new money. šŸ˜‚

Seriously, though, everyone markets, and everyone consumes marketing. If you are a marketer, look at how companies are marketing to you and learn the lessons, both good and bad. Don’t let stupid and Instagram marketing be used in the same sentence when the conversation turns to your brand.